Helping Others Help Themselves

The Dome


Medicine Farms Artist cabin is now offered for you . The Artist is mostly windows into the forest, comes with unique art , a massage table and solar power to charge your gizmos. With ladder to loft bed, dry compost toilet and wood heat only, we’ll need to remind you; If you need the amenities and convience of hotels or bnbz, even a stay in the Artist will challenge you. If you want to sleep in solitude and tune in to tranquility during your rainforest retreat, you will love the Artist.

The Space

The Farm’s unique setting occupies 8 hectares near Tofino and Ucluelet and the Pacific Rim National Park. We are a non-Profit Organization since 2002, born from the Ideal of selflessness.
We produce local, pristine and beyond organic fresh food which sustains our Ideal and allows Medicine Farm to perform as an outreach platform and venue.
Furthermore, we are dedicated to supplying reliable, clean and safe herbal medicines to those in need. This work has “Medi-Morphed” Medicine Farm into a wholistic Education and Healing Center.
Living, Laughing, Loving and Learning Off-Grid

Guest Access

-Farm tours.
-Access to the freshest and cleanest food you’ll enjoy anywhere unless you grow it yourself.
-Introduction to your Numerology Chart (sliding scale and when our Numerologist is available).
-Vegetarian life-style coaching.
-Guided herb walks in a veritable “herbal pharmacy” upon request and when our Herbalist is available.
-Introduction and instruction to 4 season food gardening and growing sprouts.
-Guidance through experience to keeping chickens, ducks and rabbits.
-The opportunity to purchase food and medicine plants to take home.
-Access to ongoing workshops and Master Plant ceremony experiences (facilitated by our trained Shaman associates) all at a reduced rate on sliding scale.

Other Things to Note

Simplicity is the beauty we offer;
Living off grid makes you realize how little you really need:
We have no electricity and running water in this Cabin. We use compost toilets and so will you. You are welcome to swim to cleanse as we do and experience how it really is to live off-grid during your stay with us on Medicine Farm.

Please understand, choosing to stay with us can be a “shock “for many city-based folks due to their perceived “inconveniences”. There are few modern comforts in The Herbalist Cabin and if you are a traveler who prefers the comforts of a hotel or hostel, please avoid the likely “shock” and inevitable disappointment.
We want to make clear that the Herbalist cabin includes basic facilities including a compost toilet. Be reminded to bring your own fresh water, food, supplies and comforts to help you quickly feel at home and enjoy your experience with us in the best possible way.

On Medicine Farm we have two Great Pyrenees dogs who are good at their job protecting the Farm. They are great working dogs and at the same time very soft and loving towards kids and most people. Please keep in mind to have your dogs on leash (spayed and neutered pets only thank you) and know there is plenty of interesting walk space to explore with them.


Indoor fireplace

Free parking on premises

Guest access
Private access
Separate street or building entrance