Helping Others Help Themselves

About Medicine Farm


The origins of Medicine Farm are in medical cannabis production with a dedication to provide the highest quality medical cannabis exclusively to conservative era compassion centres in Victoria and Vancouver.
Since 2002, Medicine Farm has served the wholistic health and well-being of our global community and local Tofino and Ucluelet. Our focus on producing pristine and beyond organic fresh food and herbals has sustained our Ideal and allowed Medicine Farm to evolve.
We continue our dedication to co-creating the highest quality by following ancient moon-phase calendar principals. Working with the moon, our approach becomes organized to ensure high end products from our ongoing farming, food forest expansion and foraging efforts. With our bug-out and disconnect into nature retreats, powerful transcendent Master Plants experiences and workshops, we’ve hosted nearly 6000 guests, attendees, volunteers, apprentices and future food forest farmer/producers.
Medicine Farm has evolved into an important local-global model and Golden Age example resource Center.
We wish to continue expanding.
The dream is to create a secure venue and curriculum to heal, expand consciousness, inspire and support others on their path. Our service in bettering the world.
Medicine Farms Ideal and Foundation is helping others help themselves. We believe Medicine Farm is both a manifestation and gift provided to humanity for Selfless Service work within the expression of this Ideal.

Meet The People

United by desires to serve and support those who are helping to make the world a better place, we work collaboratively to insure those drawn to us have the most enriching and transformational experience possible.


Zigaziga is a west coast local and 20+ year 4-season rainforest market-gardener, pioneer, innovator, consultant and food forest founder of Medicine Farm. He is a highly experienced plant person who hands-on understands coastal food production systems from soil health to harvest, crop irrigation system design and installation, management, use and maintenance, off-grid electrical, lighting, plumbing and heating systems, and greenhouse growing. An off-grid rainforest forager and vegan, Zigaziga continues to share his knowledge while structuring Medicine Farm for more resiliency and security through ongoing implementation of food forests and inclusion of efficient, sustainable and viable technologies for all now and our future Golden Age generations.

Zigaziga additionally is a veteran numerologist, herbalist, musician, massage and touch healer and fire walker. He has decades of meditation and yoga experience both personal practice and instruction. Zigaziga, whos name translates to “link between the heavens and earth”, has long since had his Ideal in “helping others help themselves.” The Medicine Farm project is ample proof. The Medicine Farm is a selfless and not for profit project and has been since its inception. Here, Zigaziga has facilitated countless metaphysical readings, healings and ceremonies. Zigaziga is a teacher of teachers with a deep commitment to share. A Gabonese Fang Bwiti Initiate and highly experienced world traveling psychonaut, Zigaziga is dedicated to consciousness expansion in service to humanity.