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Sacred Wood (Iboga)

Sacred Wood

Is the Spirit of the Wood calling you ?

The most powerful Master Plant known in the world, The Sacred Wood, also known as Iboga

Experience The Woods’ transformative powers on Medicine Farm 

In the West, Sacred Wood experiences are rare opportunities to learn from Africas premier plant teacher. Encounters often result in profound transcendent experiences giving birth to elevated consciousness, spiritual activation and quickening. Chunks of trauma can disolve in flashes of illumination and transitions in consciousness.

In Africa, The Sacred Wood is used during rituals to commune directly with the Supreme Source. Its effects help attain and maintain an understanding of who and what we are and find balance and harmony within our divine blueprint or destiny.

One master plant experience can revive your intuition, lift veils of confusion and misunderstanding and give meaning to an entirety of mayhem and madness.

This miraculous natural tool is here for our evolution in the greatest period of development and unfoldment in the history of humankind.

Visions commonly experienced by the seeker are relevant to the seekers intention with answers never coming in an expected manner. The initial questions expand as our consciousness expands.
Imagine the experience similar to an elevator ride to the Divine helping you rediscover the ecstatic essence of life in its purity and simplicity.

In the West, Ibogaine, the Sacred Woods psychoactive component, is isolated and prescribed to treat addictions (commonly opiods) as an “interrupter” with a 70% success rate.
The Wood we provide on Medicine Farm is directly from the African rainforest, unaltered and whole. It was not planted by man but by elephants who graze the Wood. Our Wood is sustainably sourced from shrubs over 100 years old. It’s a common belief in Africa, the older the Wood, the greater the wisdom it will impart. 

The effects of the Wood can vary between 2 hours to over 3 days depending on the ritual and the seeker’s intention and from person to person. 24-36 hours is a typical duration for ceremonies offered on Medicine Farm.

In your personal and private Sacred Wood Ceremony you will be hosted in our Artist cabin for 3 days and 3 nights.

Your Wood Work invitation process will involve after your initial inquiry, a recorded speaker-phone chat and follow-up face chat to ensure the best possible experience for you. Additionally, Zigaziga will cast your numerology chart using your full given names at birth and your birthday. You will provide them upon your initial email inquiry. Your introduction life lesson, soul, outer personality and path of destiny numbers will be explained to you in emailed voice clips as part of your preparation. Once you’re invited to participate, you will be given further preparation instruction and guidance.

We are here to facilitate your experience with the highest and best intention. We encourage you to explore your inner urge and follow the signs and do the work. 

To fully enroll, $1,100.00 is all inclusive. Numerology chart, meals, teas, water, ceremony and 3 days lodging. A 50% e-transfer deposit of $550.00 begins your process following our primary phone chat. Your Numerology chart voice clips will be forwarded within 48 hours of receiving your e-transfer deposit. Medicine Farms private Wood Work experience retreats require the remaining balance of $550.00 paid via e-transfer within 22 days of your scheduled arrival.

For groups of 3 and more please inquire regarding arrangements and enrollment fees as we are here to serve.

To know more about your guides to the other side, Zigaziga and Endendang, visit our websites About page.

You are the savior you have been waiting for 

We are together.

We are One.

Zigaziga and Endendang 

*Note: We use only Sacred Wood root bark and we are NOT a rehab facility