Helping Others Help Themselves


Care and cropping of recreational and medical cannabis

A complete hands on how to


In this workshop, learn what you need to confidently care for your cannabis plants from seed or clone to perfectly dried, cured and ready to consume flower.

Your course guide Zigaziga has decades of experience, world-class* expertise and prefers to see the ridiculousness in everything with his Ideal in helping others help themselves. Especially when it comes to growing the best cannabis possible.

This course outline has you gaining hands on knowledge and practical understanding of :

• Indoor or outdoor grow methods

• Easy systems and approaches; busy peeps can crop top quality buds

• Natural and beyond organic vs chemical grows

• Seeds and clones ; Auto flower, feminized and regular

• Genetics, cultivars and strains

• Veganics and old school organics

• Perfect soil and grow mediums

• Pro pruning and training

• Light deprivation and why you should know about it

• Possible pest interference and easy solutions

• Happy harvest helpfulness

• Fresh and dry manicures. What and wow.

• Drying, curing and preserving

• Extraction methods

This course includes:

• 3 free Vancouver Island acclimated seeds
• Fertilized soil (veganic or organic)
• 5 x 4″ plant pots
• 1 x 10 minute tech support (within 1 year) phone call
• 1 x 30 minute reduced rate ($30 and Pacific Rim only) tech design and layout consult visit.

Zigaziga has been acknowledged as a world-class quality Cannabis producer by his peers, contemporaries and connoisseurs such as Ted Smith of Teds Books renown in Victoria.

Course duration: Half-day, every Saturday from May to mid June.
Course enrollment fee: $88.00, sliding scale.

A percentage of your enrollment supports our local “food bank on the edge”.

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