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My dream, born out of selflessness or my Ideal will be living my dream in nature with fresh water, clean air, eating our own grown food surrounded by loving people. My dream is to live my dream and share it.” -Dougie, the Medicine Farm’s founder

Since 2002, we’ve served the wholistic health and well-being of volunteers, visitors, and our communities. We produce local, pristine and beyond organic fresh food which sustains our Ideal and allows Medicine Farm to perform as an outreach platform and venue.

We are and have always been dedicated to supplying reliable, clean and safe herbal medicines to those in need. This work has “Medi-Morphed” Medicine Farm into a wholistic education and healing center hosting nearly 5,000 volunteers, apprentices and visitors along their path of healing.

Medicine Farm has evolved into an important human potential Well-Being Center.

We wish to continue expanding.

The dream is to create a secure venue and curriculum to heal, expand consciousness, inspire and support others on their path. Our service in bettering the world.

Medicine Farms Ideal and Foundation is helping others help themselves. We believe Medicine Farm is both a manifestation and gift provided to humanity for Selfless Service work within the expression of this Ideal.

What’s our vision for the future?

 Medicine Farm’s vision is to continually improve upon it’s Ideal:

Helping others find balance and attain wholistic health.

When we begin to feel better physically, we begin to think better and more positively; mind is the builder with the physical the result. As we think so we become. If Spirit is ever the Way and it doesn’t matter whatever your concept of the Creator is and whatever spiritual beliefs you hold, it’s all good.

What really matters is being the best we can be according to our personal beliefs and Ideal. Medicine Farm is a non-denominational and non-dogmatic gathering place sharing the Spiritual teachings and Wisdom of our great Saints, Sages, Prophets and Masters from all Great Global Traditions.

Recently Medicine Farm’s future direction has become obvious. Becoming more an educational, Wholistic Healing and Retreat Center; Hosting those in search of healing, direction, consciousness expansion, teaching, artistic pursuits and those who will use Medicine Farm as a model for similar projects and undertakings.

The impact of a Wholistic Well-Being Retreat

With materialism running rampant and spirituality in decay, we ask:  What are we fighting for and where is the love? “Good-Will projects” like Medicine Farm are few and far between.

We’re here to make a difference.


Hosting powerful transformative events like:

Wholistic Health Education and Application, Wisdom and Spirituality Retreats, Master Plant Ceremony Experiences, Sound, Movement and Music Therapies etc.

Additionally, helping others learn to grow their own food efficiently and others to “scale up” in faith with knowledge and support to start their own Farm while they learn about themselves with a “Wholistic Horticultural” approach is central in the Medicine Farm Ideal.

Thereby helping others become healthy and more conscious with clarity on their path. They will have an effect within their families, friends, their communities and our World

The Medicine Farm model improves Global quality of life. 

How can you help Medicine Farm’s mission?

Believing to “Helping others Help themselves” our Ideal,

Medicine Farms foundation and focused direction;

We Share The Ideal”!

 Share what you will to make happen the following and

You will always remain a key element and an energy bridge who gave when they could to support and sustain selflessly a Good-Will project.

Medicine Farm’s Dreams, Hopes and Wishes:

Our kind-hearted patient and philanthropic benefactors have held in Faith Medicine Farms mortgage since 2002.

Medicine Farms ultimate goal: Our greatest “Faith-filled wish” is to clear away Medicine Farms debt. You can help in Medicine Farms ultimate goal of becoming free of its principal debt by assisting in the realization of zero debt. With Medicine Farms #1 wish granted, you will become our Salvation Angel.

Sheltered Work, Education, Living and Bathing Space is needed on Medicine Farm:

One 30’x16′ workshop and tool storage structure: This is a self-reliance must have for Medicine Farm’s off-grid and remote location. In this space we will be able to blacksmith metal garden hand tools, make wood tool handles as well as meet countless other fix-it and repair jobs which would otherwise result in paying for.

Sprout, micro-green’s Nursery Greenhouse needs an expansion/renovation: This existing structure is a 16’x 20’ carport style metal tube frame where we produce sprouts, micro-greens and propagate Medicine and Food plants. It needs recovering with polycarbonate panels, a woodstove, woodshed and off-grid power supply to significantly boost production quality and quantity.

Expansion: One matching “sprouts house” structure is much needed to meet our current demand.

The “green power” would come from a wind and water turbine, solar panels and storage batteries which will also benefit Medicine Farms kitchen.

Additional Tiny home guest and helper spaces: We hope to comfortably host our guest workshop Facilitators, Lecturers, Shaman’s, Participants, Visitors and long-time Members in nurturing, bright and cozy spaces. Properly designed and built, pallet framed, 10’x10’ in size.

We can completely finish each one for 11.000 CAD, The Medicine Farm needs three.

Main 8’x14 Shower/ Sauna space: After the original structure was destroyed by fire in 2012, the pond side building site was enlarged and improved with an excavator in November 2017. What remains is to complete this structure along with a firewood storage shed and wood heat.

This is Medicine Farm’s first independent funding campaign. 

We ask for your support and appeal to your beliefs in helping others.  

Your gift will be honored and lasting.

Your donation will reach and effect many.

These support opportunities have been carefully prioritized and offer multiple involvement points.

Other Ways You Can Help!

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The following actions can make a HUGE difference for us, and therefore ultimately for the World.

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