Helping Others Help Themselves

Be with us

Immerse yourself on the extraordinary West Coast of Vancouver Island.

Learning opportunities

Staying on Medicine Farm, you will have the opportunity to learn about yourself, wholistic healing, health, metaphysics, spirituality, music and ecological methods such as organic farming and permaculture, and will experience a healthy rural lifestyle. You will have the chance to participate in all levels of farm work in order to gain a diversity of skills according to your desire and ability. This includes planting, feeding and caring for the animals, making great compost, concocting herbal healthcare, preparing natural plant feed and joining in on any natural building projects.
Being a volunteer on Medicine Farm gives you an opportunity to travel around without even changing location. You will have the chance to meet many people with different nationalities, stories, characteristics and knowledge. Living with us will give you the chance to grow into a more open-minded and self confident person.
It’s worth it!

How it works?

We prefer to conduct our farm affairs from 8 am until 1pm everyday, with a deliciously creative communal vegetarian lunch and dinner. Breakfast items are also provided. We follow the motto work hard, play hard, and believe that in looking after the farm, she looks after us.
Typically for accommodation you provide your own tent, or if space permits we also have shared eco cabins. Get cozy with our family!

Our ideal volunteer:

→ Conscious of others and community-minded, ready to pitch in with day to day house tasks to keep our home homely,
→ Motivated early risers with old school work ethics,
→ Hardworking and passionate,
→ Alert, careful and responsible workers,
→ Able to work in a team and alone,
→ Efficient and rapid in the completion of tasks,
→ Capable of doing physical labor and work in all weather conditions,
→ Enjoy working outdoors and living close to nature,
→ Able to adjust to living in isolated and distant surroundings.



For your free time

We are fortunate that the property is in a remote place. Many volunteers go for hikes in the rainforest during the afternoons after work. Due to the farm’s pristine protected location, there is an incredible wide variety of wildlife and diverse plant species in close proximity. Hiking trails run through the property and throughout the region.
Guests, visitors, volunteers can also hitchhike to town to explore local benches and or surf waves; surf boards and wet suits are available at the farm.

How to apply?

If you’re interested in actively participating in our amazing off-grid farm, click here.