Helping Others Help Themselves


Canada, Saskatchewan, Flav\'r Country
Volunteering at the Medicine Farm serves as a learning experience culled only by the most cynical of types from the ranks of what would be considered as life-changing. If you have been searching for the chance to sincerely reconnect and revamp your spiritual centre … then the Medicine Farm is for you. The farm is a hub for eclectic and inspired individuals, and at the heart of it is Dougie, who will teach you not only how to teach yourself (as is pledged on this website’s homepage), but to concurrently learn what it truly means to be a part of something that is greater than yourself. I stayed at the Medicine Farm as a volunteer from Fall-Spring season a few years ago, and learned many amazing things about how to plant and tend to the land, as well as the underlying and important messages behind this remarkable skill set. I made many great friends there, who were passionate and driven in their desire to find whatever it was they came to the farm to find, whether it be studying the land, exploring an interest in animals, to nurse a throbbing green thumb, or just to simply breathe. If you have a curiosity in some division of the natural world, the Medicine Farm allows you to pursue and tinker with those curiosities, and Dougie proves as an arsenal for knowledge and personal experience in the realm of herbalism. The farm is also a great place to go if you love playing or listening to music. If you are afraid to get your hands dirty or aren’t used to rustic living, you may wish to reconsider applying as a volunteer. Come to the Medicine Farm with an open heart, and if you cannot, be sure to keep an open mind. (: